Oman Visa

Oman Visa type

There are 38 types of Visa for Oman which are categorised under four broad categories: Resident Sponsored visas, Resident Unsponsored visas, Visit Sponsored visas, and Visit Unsponsored visas. In these categories, all the different types of visas are covered: Tourism. We bring you the most popular Visa for Oman, which is the Tourist Visa

Tourist Visa: Those who wish to visit the Sultanate of Oman for pleasure can apply for a tourist/ business Visa for 10 days (for Single Entry), 30 days (for Single Entry) or 1 year (for Multiple Entries). The Oman Tourist Visa will be valid till one months from the date of issuance. After you’ve applied for your tourist Visa along with all the required documents and made payment, it’s going to take only 5 to 12 hours to process. There is a huge list of documents that you need to collect before applying for applying a tourist visa, but when you choose us, all we need from you is your Valid Passport and Passport size Photographs (preferably white background), making it really simple for you.

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